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l   Description

l  Each port of this Cat.5E/6/6A FTPpatch panel has the same unaided cabling structure; it will make sure thatthe performance of each port consistent.

l   The cable management andgrounding device are combined in this patch panel. All kinds of cables withdifferent dimensions can be fixed on the patch panel. The shielding foilof the cables and the grounding device of the patch panel can be connectedvery well so that the shielding effect of this patch panel will bevery outstanding.

l  According to the standard of ISO/IEC11801:2002 CLASS E and ANSI/TIA/EIA/568B.2-1 Cat.5E/6/6A standard. T568A andT568B color code are printed both on the PCB and IDC surface to give a correctguide when an engineer punches the cables. Fitting for horizontaldistribution in the equipments room and equipments connecting.

l  Connecting: RJ45 port for Cat.5E/6/6AFTP patch cord and IDC for horizontal distribution cables.

l  Environmentalist requirement: Inaccord with the Rosh requirement.

Compatibility: Compatible for all kinds ofCat.5E, Cat.6 and Cat.6A systems

Technique Characteristics:

l  Entire steel outer frame, with plasticpowder cladding (nonelectric part ) and  zincification cladding (shieldingparts );

l  RJ45 jack frame material: PBT framewith 50U golden plated phosphor bronze pins; Shielding shell of the RJ45jack: Brass housing with nickel-plated. IDC clip:  Tinned phosphor bronzepins;

l  Fitting for 22AWG/23AWG/24AWG cables,punching duration: 250 times. Inserting duration: 750 times;

l  Cabling sequence: T568A & B;

l  Punching tools: standard 110/KronePunch tool;

Testing condition of transmitting capability: CAT5E100MHz/CAT.6 250MHz/CAT.6A 500M


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